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Amazing stories of animal celebrities.

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Created by Mario Lurig | Feb 25th, 2019
Episode Length: 01:31
Four kittens looking down

You hug them, cuddle them, dress them, and protect them. That's right, they are your pets. Some owners even refer to their pets as fur babies and to themselves as their parents.

The connection people have with the animals in their lives can be very important to everyone involved, but what's notable is when those animals outshine their humans.

This short form podcast will bring these stories to your ears, and with your help, it will also bring you your stories; the stories of the little things that your pet does that make you smile.

On this podcast, you'll learn about a dolphin that guides ships to safety, a dog who returned to the train station to meet his owner even after his owner died, a monkey with a job, and a cat who saved a young boy from an aggressive dog. These stories and more will bring a smile to your face and bring you closer to the animals in your life.

Add this show to your favorite podcasting app or check out all of our episodes and extras right here at Until our first episode, here are a few seconds of my cat Max, snoring, except as if there were 5 of him all snoring at the same time. Enjoy.

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